Lord Of The Ring 3D Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt 2021

Lord Of The Ring 3D Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt 2021

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In The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, Azog is marching with his orc army (consisting mainly of Moria Orcs, Warg riders and many deformed trolls and ogres) on the Lonely Mountain when Bolg arrives and informs him that Legolas and Tauriel attacked him. Azog asks Bolg if he killed the elves but Bolg replies that he didn’t, much to his father’s dismay. Azog then tells Bolg to go to Gundabad and bring another orc army to the battle.

Lord Of The Ring 3D Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt 2021
Lord Of The Ring 3D Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt 2021

During the battle, Azog commands his army by using signal flags which tell a legion when to attack. He first uses were-worms to dig his army a route to the mountain to move unseen. After the army’s first ranks come out, they are quickly intercepted by Dáin II Ironfoot and his Dwarves, who are severely outnumbered. As the orcs charge, the dwarves form a shield wall, standing like a spiked wall against the wave of charging orcs. Suddenly, Elven swordsmen jump from behind the dwarven shield wall into the first line of orcs, who wield mostly swords and axes. The combined elf-dwarf attack is lethal and the orcs are halted. Thranduil commands his archers to rain arrows onto the orcs while Bard and the Lake-men stay behind, ready to attack when needed. Azog notices this, and sends the other half of his army, consisting mainly of pike men, to attack the city. Bard and his forces retreat to Dale. The orcs pull out several trebuchets, carried by trolls and manned by goblins, and weaken the city walls. Then, they send a sapper troll to break through the wall, and orcs, battle trolls, and half-trolls start pouring into the city, massacring anyone in the way. Bard charges with his army, and temporarily halts Azog’s force, but not for long. Thranduil, Gandalf, and most of the Elven army also head for the city, but many are killed on the way and Thranduil himself is dismounted and surrounded by enemies. Beneath the mountain, Dain’s steed is also killed and many Dwarves start retreating to the mountain.

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Lord Of The Ring 3D Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt 2021
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