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In the Ming dynasty, “the companies and domestic and foreign bodyguards, each company had 6 departments: middle, money, friendship, left, rear, charismatic, each department had 15 teams, each team had 55 people, usually every 6 years. the nails, the strong to join the military, the weak to the people. Cat Dinner Meme Vintage Retro shirt. Those who are in good health are added to the “Arrogant army” team of the guards, who fight when the country is in possession; Type 2 health is added to the Army, which is the army that transports food. Soldiers who have been in the army for a long time can return to their home countries to cultivate for business and to take care of their homes.

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Each time the tide was set up, the guards had to take attendance, the proud soldiers had to be on duty at the headquarters, the 2nd-class health would pay the money back home, but at the time they were mobilized to use it.

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