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While pondering on who he should teach the first Dharma, the Buddha immediately thought of those who were once his masters: Àlàra Kàlàma and Uddaka Rāaputta. Christmas Let It Snow Sweater. When he learned that both of them had passed away, he thought of the five ascetics from his earlier life, who he knew then were staying at Deer Park (Deer Park) in Isipatana (Chu Tien Dam Xu) near Benares. (Three-la-complaint) or Vrànasi. He knows they will quickly understand the teachings. Winning the victory in having a means of salvation in hand, and deciding to dedicate his life to this noble mission, he departed for Benares. If we consider that he must beg for alms every morning and that the scorching midday sun is inconvenient for walking, then we estimate that he would need at least fourteen days for this 210 km long journey

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