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The image of a flying monkey is perhaps the most impressive. Japanese researcher Torii Ryuzo captures a sketch on a dug stone in a Liao dynasty tombstone, which is surmised as the first meeting between the two teachers of Xuanzang»: a man with a head, hair, face like a monkey , fighting clothes, in the clouds in a rough position, a man standing below him clasped his hands like an expectation. Clayton Bigsby 20 Let That Hate Out. Trieu Lieu has been destroyed since the 7th year of Tuyen Hoa Song Dynasty (1125), moreover this tomb is located in An Son (Manchuria) and the appearance of a monkey face in the clouds is similar to that of Shen Sa Shen who appeared and assisted. helping Huyen Trang when he was more hungry in Luu Sa Ha than that of Sun Wukong (because his mouth did not stick out like a monkey but his hair was upside down), Torii’s data was too «delicious» to be able to believe.

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