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The folk character seen in Ky Ky is a writing style like talk, sometimes off-topic, with stories added halfway through. lose the balance of the book. Beagle Knowledge Poster. This cannot be said to be from the mainland because in China there was a respectful and orderly respect. This proves that although Ky Ky was used by the ruling class to formalize its reign, it still could not erase the trace of the underlying folklore tradition. Ky Ky although recorded stories with political intent such as the emperor Nintoku up high saw the smoke of the people sparse, injured hundreds of them so they forgave taxes and collect taxes for three years but also talked about the queen.

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His jealousy left the palace to the mountain dwelling. It also states that the “emperor” pretended to go on a trip to Kibi to visit another woman or Nintoku once sent Hayabusawake’s younger brother to pick up Medori (the queen’s younger brother) to concubine

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