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Charles Elliot [Nghia Luat] would like to come to the province to manage the merchants and ship personnel, General Director Dang Dinh Trinh collected and approved “in accordance with the program of the previous Committee, to take care of the province”. Today I don’t feel like doing anything except Jason Momoa I’d do him Mug and T-shirt. In 1839, the East Indian Fleet Sir F. Maitland [Ma Tha Luan] arrived in Guangdong, Charles Elliot went to Guangzhou to send a letter to Dong Ding-Trinh, asking him to come with Ma Tha Luan; Bounced back, Charles Elliot’s challenging action failed. At that time, the political dealings between the two England and the United States were constant; And economically, the dispute about mothballs is not easy to solve.

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