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The great poem “Giving the country a land” is a collection of many myths and legends of the Muong in the form of poetry. Fix you coldplay signature poster. We see the character YIT YANG (or GIT GIANG = DAVING) the first person to confess BUA (king) at Ke Market (Ke Market) and is considered to be the son of her KIT (kit) and DAN BAN (or Ta Can – Da Can = Mr. Can) the cultural hero of Muong mythology (Da Can and Kít are two siblings). Muong people often identify BUA YIT YANG with Hung Vuong (see J. Cuisinier Les Muong, Paris 1946 pp. 447-118) or An Duong Vuong (see Quach Dieu Hoa Binh historical reference) YIT YANG or DIT DANG in Muong means what?

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