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was a girl who really loved makeup poster

There was a girl who really loved makeup poster

There was a girl who really loved makeup poster

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The photo was taken by Chris Payne from the town of Woodbridge, New Jersey, during a Gettysburg field trip in 1988, using an Instamatic 110 camera that used flash light at dusk. Right next to her cousin Terri Payne – the woman in the picture, on the other side of the cannonballs was a strange, half-blue and half-white bush. There was a girl who really loved makeup poster. Of course, at the time of the shoot, both sisters did not see the object. In addition, the dust also absolutely does not appear on any other photos in the film taken at the same time. Someone even said that they dimly saw a face hidden in the mist.

There was a girl who really loved makeup poster 3

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