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In the Qing dynasty, there were people residing in the Dai land, bringing Tibet into three political regions, with the exception of the An An Tibetan ethnic group, the rest plus a total of sixty-six lineages. Hair Hustler Shirt. One is Vajra, pre-Tibet, that is the Tibetan ethnic group in Jiangxi of Nanzhang, who runs straight to Beijing and slightly to the west, the capital is the Bodhisattva, which dominates all thirty-six (36) lineages. The second is Tibetan, or after the Tibet, take the Japanese Guest Gac Tac as the capital and govern the twenty-six (26) family. Third, Alian, lived in the border region of Ni Bac Nhi, adjacent to the West Lake and Khach M Mexican, governed ten (10) lineages.

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