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Party letter, bear responsibility. In September 1988, Central Party representative Mr. Zhao published an apology letter. Hello Will You I Do Map Canvas Prints. Outsiders thought that Zhao was the author of this “untimely” plan, and they began to lose faith in him. Those close to him thought that Mr. Zhao’s power had greatly weakened in early 1989, and perhaps he could not survive even without a protest in Tiananmen Square. Moreover, if Zhao Ziyang wants to hold office after 1989, “small” negotiations with Deng Xiaoping and the conservative group may not be enough. He would have to follow Deng’s line completely, including the decision to use military power to suppress the student protest group. As we have seen, up to this point Mr. Zhao has strongly refused to “raise his head.” He definitely does not want to go down in history as “General Secretary of the army to suppress the student group.

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