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The revolutionary campaign in Hubei, Hunan was considered as one; Many people from Hunan joined the uprising in Wuchang. On October 22, Tieu Dat Phong and Tran Tac Tan responded in Hunan, chased Tuan Hunan government, split up to hold the position of deputy chief admiral, and deputy chief of the Dam Dien Khai bureau [1880-1930] as the Chief of Tham. Parliament. Lion I’m The Daughter Of The King Poster. Tieu, Tran are all hot-tempered young men, disgruntled by their relatives; Talk about neutral integrity, contemporaries praise. On October 31 mutiny in Changsha [Changsha, Hunan] Jiaozuo, Chen was killed; Dam holds the position of Admiral, for all parties are similar, the situation is stable.

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