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With a citadel that had become too empty before the encounters with the enemy, the successive kings of the Champa kingdom decided to move the center back south, establishing the Vijaya dynasty at Chan Ban citadel in the year. 1000. Los Angeles Lakers Legends Signature Shirt . The citadel on the northern bank of the Ba River valley in the Aryaru state was strengthened and strengthened by the Vijaya dynasties as a remote defensive line that firmly protected the city from invasions. of Khmer, Siam, and Java as well as the rebellious attempts of the warlords from Panduranga that they could lead the army to the north to threaten Vijaya, those “evil, dishonest, always afloat.” rebellion against their king ”[10] under Paramecvaravarman I in 1050 or Paramabodhisattva in 1086.

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