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The five venerable men listened attentively to his words, and as soon as he preached, Venerable Kondañña mastered the Dharma: “Whatever is the law of arising, it must be subject to the law of destruction.” Pornhub Hoe Hoe Hoe 3D Christmas Sweater. Then the venerable asked the Buddha to accept him as a disciple, and the Buddha took the proverb: “Come here, Bhikkhu-stilts, Dharma has been skillfully taught, let’s live the life of bliss (purity) to end the suffering ”to receive the venerable as a Bhikkhu (Bhikkhu) (Mv 1. 6. 32). Thus Venerable Kondañ ñ a was the first Bhikkhu-stilts in Buddhist history, and the veneration of the Venerable marking the beginning of the Sangha (Sangha) exists to this day.

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