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In 1813 the government abolished the company in India, but retained its monopoly in China. Urban industry in the UK continues to criticize the company for failing to meet new technology products to consume; Because in recent years, trade in the United States has stagnated, and American businessmen have brought their boats and ships to compete trade. Quilting knowledge poster. The same evidence is provided that since the company no longer has a monopoly in India, the purchasing power of this place has tripled, and in Malaysia it has quadrupled, to justify the harm of monopoly. In 1832 [14 th Dao] the new British parliament approved the decision to abandon the specialized East Indian company in China,

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British subjects were free to trade in the Pacific, Indian Ocean; established Guangzhou Commercial Director [Guangzhou] 1 to replace the company’s committee, which manages the trade between the United Kingdom and China and has jurisdiction and tax collection.

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