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Snowman Jesus Christmas Faith Hope Love Shirt

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Just kidding, it was a sensational sensation, but his correct name was Bede, lived about 673-735 years AD. Snowman Jesus Christmas Faith Hope Love Shirt. He was a monk, and a very good translator; Bede loved history, so he devoted himself to collecting, translating, documenting ancient British events, and composing many extremely valuable historical books. The land of fog called him “Father of British history”. In Bede’s time, England was in turmoil, everyone was worried about their heads, so no one took any notes; without him we would be in the dark about what happened in England in ancient times. He is also a user of the BC time system (Before Christ – BC), and AD (Anno Domini – AD, correctly translated as “The Year of God”); historians (and the public) later used Bede’s time division, so I have to thank Mr. Bede.

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