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Kojiki of Japan explained the opposite, saying that Chuai and Jingu were Japanese who led their troops to attack Tan La, but the arguments of Kojiki and Japanese historians in the eyes of J. Carter Cowell and A. Cowell had many conflicting points. as the paradoxical journey of the march goes from north to south instead of from south to north, in addition to relics excavated from the tombs show that the influence of Korean culture is profound because of the objects. burials and frescoes in the tombs of Japanese emperors at that time all brought a special nuance of the national horse culture. from the peninsula. To My Dear Son In Law Lion Mug. The press also said that some of the 900 tombs under government control, such as the mausoleum of Thien Hoang Ojin and Nintoku, are still banned from excavation by the Japanese, citing the tombs of the ancestors. royal office, but there is an argument that the Japanese government still wants to avoid showing people too deep traces of Korean culture in their country.

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