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Can Thuan (Fan T’ang-ken-tch’ouen). King Lam Ap not only organized a robbery of goods on merchant ships of the Funan court bought from Guangzhou, but also allowed the army to invade deep into the territory of the southern lobe. Toothless Christmas Light Shirt. Jayavarman’s plea to help China punish Linyi was not approved; on the contrary, the good tribute of Linyi envoy also enlisted the support of the Imperial Court with the legitimacy of Can Thuan through the title of “Navy Admiral of the army An Nam General, Lam Ap. king.

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It is assumed that the splendor of the Jayavarman dynasty “reflected in the respect the Chinese emperor showed toward this country” [10] through an edict sent to the Funan mission in 503 was of a foreign nature only. falsely delivered, because the Linyi kingdom is in a period of real upheaval

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