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In general, the approximate and simple calculation based on three stars is: Hoinhinh (Mars) has a cycle of nearly 2 years, I’m Not A Widow I’m A Wife Shirt. Jupiter has a cycle of about 12 years, and Saturn has a cycle of nearly 30 years, the The Numbers maker found an approximate 60-year common denominator for all three stars to come together, and to share the same bow, or the same square in the trigrams (about 45 ° each.) What’s more to know here is that Mars’s nearly 2-year cycle (Mars), meaning that about a year, the astrologers see Mars in the opposite position. Because this phenomenon coincides with the theory of yin or yin and yang, it is possible that digital calendarists believe that time is the same, that every year, the yang of the yin and yang changes steadily!

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