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Wolf To My Son Blanket

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The Fudoki Book of Izumo records an important legend about the expansion of the waters (kunibiki) and the cession of water (kuniyuzuri), which could imply the exploration or acquisition of land and the concession of rule. Wolf To My Son Blanket. Fudoki of Harima tells the story of Prince Takekashima no Mikoto luring Kuzu out of the barracks, encircling them and dancing around 7 days and 7 nights around and killing. Those are all meaningful stories to the unification process of the Japanese state. However, there are also non-political stories, which only have a romantic color like the story of two young men and women falling in love in an utagaki night of singing, going to Unai beach, being afraid of being seen, coming out in the morning

Wolf To My Son Blanket- 30x40

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